3822, S 14B

I tjänst 1938-1961
Antal i Flygvapnet: 2 st S 14, 6 st S 14A och 18 st S 14B.

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3822, S 14B

Inläggav Johnny Comstedt » 02 jan 2015, 19:14

Fieseler Fi 156C-3 Storch
1941 Built by Fieseler, Kassel
Cn 5503
To Luftwaffe registration KR+QZ.
Its history (via Barry C. Rosch et Bo Widfeldt) between construction date and the 4/4/45, is the following :
•Flight test the 9th January 1942.
•Assigned to 2.(H)/Aufkl.Gr.12.
•Emergency landing next to Wjasma, Russia, 19th January 1943 because of bad weather, dammaged to 15%.
•Assigned to28./Fl.Verb.G.
The 4th April 1945, three Fieseler Storch coded GA+TY, BM+PL and KR+QX landed at Äkesholm (east of Ystad).
They were part of a group of aircraft that, starting from Königsberg (Fischhausen)? Via Bornholm were relocated on an airfield not far of Berlin.
Because of a heavy fog on the Bornholm area, they get lost and entered Sweden airspace.
The three planes will rejoin Malmö the 6th of April, then Ronneby the 26th to be stocked along with ten other Fieseler Storch till 1948.
In 1948, KR+QX and other Fieseler Storch were restored to flying condition and served the Swedish Air Force as S-14B sn 3822 F 11-22.
Sold later in to Austria and registered OE-ADT.
After many vicissitudes, it entered Musee Royal de l'Armee et d'Histoire Militaire, Bruxelles, Belgium in a sorry state.
During restoration 2009: https://www.flickr.com/photos/70364571@ ... 697497473/
Johnny Comstedt
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Re: 3822, S 14B

Inläggav Lars Larsson » 30 dec 2017, 18:51

S 14B
Typ: Fiesler Fi.156C-3/Trop Storch
Tillverkad av Fieseler Flugzeugbau, Kassel
c/n: 5503

KR+QX (Luftwaffe)

1944-04-04 Nödlandade vid Kabusa,Ystad pga felnavigering.
Magasinerad på F17.

1948 Till F11 kod F11-22
1948-12-28 Godkänd
1961-01-17 Kasserad, flygplanstypen utgår.


Såld till Aero-Contact,Wien.
1961 Registrerad OE-ADT
Bevarad på Bryssels militärmuseum,Belgien.
Lars Larsson
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