39252 hav.21-8-2018

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39252 hav.21-8-2018

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Tyvärr ingen "förhands info om 39252:s "historia"i FV, men tyvärr::
Gripen 39252 hav.21-8-2018
...OM Gripen 39252 hav.21-8-2018
A pilot from Blekinge Wing (F 17) in Kallinge conducted a training flight in a military aircraft of the type JAS 39 C Gripen
when the aircraft collided with a flock of birds. The pilot reported the bird strike to the air traffic control at Ronneby Airport
and requested return for landing.
Initially all screens in the cockpit went out, but the emergency instruments returned shortly thereafter.
The pilot began a turn to return to the airport, but the aircraft lost height and the pilot experienced control difficulties and that
the engine did not respond to the throttle. He then decided to eject from the aircraft with the aid of the plane's rescue system.
The pilot received only minor wounds that occurred in connection with the launch and landing.
The aircraft crashed altogether.
The investigation shows that the birds were of the specie great cormorant. This bird is considerably larger than the engine is designed to handle.
The damage to the engine was also so extensive that the engine stopped immediately and was not possible to be restarted.
According to the investigation, the altitude and speed at the ejection were so low that only small margins remained for safe use of the rescue system.
SHK finds that the checklists for restarting the engine are not adapted to low altitude conditions and that they should be reviewed
and coordinated to simplify the
decision making for the pilot after a bird strike that results in an engine failure.
Furthermore, in view of the time required for a full engine restart, the checklist should include an ejection decision earlier
in the checklist and possibly also a minimum height for ejection as a general rule.
The investigation also shows that the Air Force currently lacks a bird alert system to reduce the risk of bird collisions.
According to SHK, the Armed Forces should investigate the need for and the possibilities of introducing any such system.
The analysis of the rescue operation shows a need for improved communication and coordination on operations and that there is a need
for guidance for the rescue services in order for them to be able to assess and protect themselves against the risks arising from aviation accidents.
The investigation also shows that there is a need for the Armed Forces to improve the preparedness and routines for handling the environmental
consequences of an aircraft accident.

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Slutrapport RM 2019:02 Olycka i Möljeryd , Blekinge län, den 21 augusti 2018 med ett militärt flygplan av typen JAS 39 C Gripen,
opererat av Försvarsmakten.
Vad säger hav.rapporten?...Läs::62sidor
https://www.havkom.se/assets/reports/RM ... F_L4J-CEw8
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