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Tidig KATAPULTSTART prov..(på land)

InläggPostat: 21 okt 2019, 16:52
av Bengt Ekbladh
Tidig KATAPULTSTART prov..(på land) ... id%3D58200 ... id%3D58207
med en tung järnklump …
""In late August of 1904 they began to consider using a catapult to fling the Flyer into the air.
The idea may have been suggested to them by their friend, Octave Chanute.
As they were attempting to fly at Huffman Prairie, Chanute was getting ready to exhibit one of his gliders at the 1904
Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis. He rigged a 10 hp electric motor and a long rope to tow the aircraft into the air.
Instead of using a motor, the Wrights decided to pull the Flyer along the rail with a falling weight . As weight fell,
it would naturally accelerate due to the force of gravity. This would pull the Flyer faster and faster
until it (hopefully) reached flying speed""
Läs vidare:: ... tapult.htm

...Ja hur gick exprimenten ?