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Bleriot XI vid flygdag på Malmen 1988

InläggPostat: 15 maj 2023, 22:24
av Sven-Erik Jönsson
Vid flygdagen på Malmen den 1988-05-27 i samband med firandet av Svenskt militärflygs 75-årsjubileum togs dessa båda foton.
Vilken Blériot XI är detta, flög den och i så fall vem var piloten?

Foto: Jonny Andersson

Foto: Jonny Andersson

Re: Bleriot XI vid flygdag på Malmen 1988

InläggPostat: 16 maj 2023, 16:39
av Lars Sundin
En gissning, Gösta O´Konors Bleriot. Se ... el-carlson

Re: Bleriot XI vid flygdag på Malmen 1988

InläggPostat: 03 jun 2023, 22:20
av Lars Tolkstam
Var en fransk maskin. Med 3 cylindrar motor. Svaret torde finns i ÖFS meddlande i slutet på det året.

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Re: Bleriot XI vid flygdag på Malmen 1988

InläggPostat: 04 jun 2023, 05:25
av Lars Sundin
Jag ser att artiklen jag länkade till är låst, men jag kommer automatiskt in genom min prenumeration på en tidning från Key Publishing. Det är en lång intervju med Mikael Carlson där han berättar bl a om "mina Bleriotar" varur jag klippt ut följande. Jag har inte kollat om det är läsbart eller om jag missat något.

“Thulin went bankrupt after the First World War because of the state of the economy, and all the ‘leftovers’ were sold the next winter. At Ljungbyhed there was an auction where private people could buy them. Two brothers up in Örebro bought two Blériots, numbers 18 and 23. Number 18 was sold to another guy outside Östersund, Jonas Jonsson. I still have the documents — he bought it for 500 kronor and shipped it up to Nälden, a small village near Östersund.

"He put it together and asked one of the personnel from the army flying corps at Östersund if he could fly it. It made some hops, but the police officer from the village came and stopped him because he had no licence. He put it in a barn and went to America to work as a carpenter, as I understand. Ten or 15 years later the aircraft was dismantled into small pieces. I know because at an airshow at Linköping some years ago an old man came up to me and pointed at it withhis stick. ‘Hey, son, I know that aircraft. I was 15 and it was me who took it to pieces’. The farmer said he didn’t want it in his barn any more because it took up too much space. He put all the bolts in one tin can, all the nuts in another one, and wrapped the ‘piano wires’ into a ball. He really dismantled it piece by piece and put it in boxes. That’s how it survived.

“The previous owner to me, Gösta O’konor, and his father ‘Pat’ heard rumours about this aircraft. They bought it for 500 kronor and moved it to a hangar at Dala-Järna.

For many years, Mikael has put on a spectacular crazyflying routine in his Piper L-4, SE-BMC. DANIEL KARLSSON>
It was kept there for years. He also had a company at Bromma, flying Fairchild 24s and Noorduyn Norsemans. Then they took it down to Ljungsbro, a village just outside Malmslätt. It was offered to the air force museum, but the director then said they didn’t want it. It was too much work and it had never been in the air force. I kept in contact withthe owner, and I called him once a year and asked, ‘What about the Blériot?’ After five years, he said, ‘Mikael, do you want to buy it?’ I filled up my Volvo station wagon — all the pieces fitted inside it. When I got home my father was shaking his head at spending so much money on ‘that junk’.”

How difficult was the project? “Not at all — just in terms of time. It was complete. It was a puzzle: this is the top longeron, here we have three holes, this bracket fits here. The drawings I had were only detail drawings, but withthe help of photos and the pieces I puzzled all of it together.”

The result took to the air in 1991. “The first flight I ever did withit you’ll never see again, because I treated it like a modern aircraft. It could have been really bad. I thought, ‘This is another aeroplane — let’s go flying’. Stupid. It’s not. You can easily create really bad problems for yourself. I’ve got to know them over the years. Sometimes when you fly the Blériot you can’t expect that it will turn when you want it to turn. You can also paint yourself into a corner. If you’re flying towards some trees, you want to climb, but suddenly, where’s the wind coming from? Maybe there’s a downdraught. You will not be able to climb.

The characteristic lozenge camouflage of the Fokker D.VII, SE-XVO, is set off by the markings of Jasta 68 pilot Wilhelm Stör.
“Many times people have asked, ‘How did it feel?’ The feeling was, if I’d had a 7in nail up my ass I would have cut it in two, I was so scared. You just have to sit and wait and follow the aircraft. Don’t try and do something you can’t do. You cannot climb and turn; you must climb, level off, dive a little to get the speed up and then turn. Even withthe 50hp Gnome it’s marginal. Always plan the next turn, and I always fly withopen ground below me. You can’t really glide it.

“The second one came when I started flying the first one. Someone told me at an airshow that they came from a village near Torsby where a guy had a Blériot, and it should have been scrapped. I started calling around, and it was a disused farm. They gave me full access and I found parts everywhere, except the engine, which had been given away 30 years earlier. I started to restore it when I found an engine. I knew about one, but it took me 10 years to get it.

"The wings were destroyed, of course, but most of the important stuff — the front metal part, the controls and so on — was there. I could re-create the pieces I needed withthe information from my first Blériot. I have the original drawings from the Thulin company, but if you build from the drawings they won’t fit the aircraft. The drawings were done by engineers at a table, and when they get to the workshop I believe the guys would have gone, ‘What the hell is this? Let’s make it this way instead’.”

Marking the centenary of Belgian military aviation at the Kleine Brogel show in 2014, Mikael piloted the Thulin in this unique flypast with the Belgian Air Component’s F-16AM solo display aircraft, in the hands of Cdt Renaud ‘Grat’ Thys.>"

Sedan kanske det inte alls är någon av Mikaels Blerioter utan en fransk maskin som Lars Tolkstam säger. Kanske den här:

Lars S

Re: Bleriot XI vid flygdag på Malmen 1988

InläggPostat: 04 jun 2023, 09:38
av Lars Sundin
Jag googlade vidare och fann att planet var franskt och flögs av André Moreau, normalt jumbojet-pilot. Det sägas vara original (men motorn verkar vara av en annan, icke samtida typ). Han hade även visat upp planet i Malmö 1985 och då kommit flygandes dit från Kastrup om jag förstår rätt. ... r_9-10.pdf (se sid 13. Mikael Carlsons Tummelisa verkar ha varit ny då, den visades upp på marken) ... r-62-2010/

Här ett klipp ur DN 16 juli 1985 om om första flygningen över Öresund av Svendsen 1910 och med en bild av Moreaus plan med anledning av 75-årminnet som firades i Malmö. (DN har nog lika svårt som jag att få allt att stämma. Svendsen flög ju inte en Bleriot och det var inte 70-årsminnet. Men Adrup skrev bra.)

Re: Bleriot XI vid flygdag på Malmen 1988

InläggPostat: 04 jun 2023, 13:49
av Sven-Erik Jönsson
Tack Lars och Lars för uppgifterna.