Här samlar vi uppgifter om enskilda svenska militära luftfartyg. Om Du lägger in ett flygplan som tidigare inte finns i tråden, använd rubrik med individnr, militär typbeteckning samt tillverkarens benämning.
Du kommentera eller komplettera uppgifter, så gör Du i tråd för aktuellt flygplan.


Inläggav Jan den Das » 15 mar 2017, 17:40


The Dutch Naval forces used at the end and after the Great War the Thulin K (both single and tw0-seater) and the Thulin LA.
Now I am collecting everything I can get concerning these two types, technical/construction/dimensions.
Some time ago I read that some, rotary powered, Thulin types there engines had build in under a certain angle.
Now I am interrested to know if this was also with the K and LA types and if so how many degrees was this angle?

Who can help me with the information which I mentioned above?

Because of this I became also interrested in other Thulin types, how can I get more information/materials/drawings etc. of them?

Jan den Das
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Blev medlem: 02 dec 2009, 18:31

Re: Thulin

Inläggav Christer Engdahl » 17 mar 2017, 09:41

Hi Jan,

I went to the museum in Landskrona, the town were Thulin had his factory. I asked if they have any drawings but there are no originals, only a few second and third copy blueprints. I only saw the listing but there is nothing specifically for the K- and LA-models. For the 90 HP rotary engine fitted to those types (?) there are quite detailed information. If anyone in Sweden may have information, Mikael Carlson is a firm candidate.

Christer Engdahl
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Blev medlem: 23 feb 2008, 11:23

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